As an Algerian-American student with a love for writing, and community Journalism
has become a safe haven for my thoughts, emotions, and history. It has become
a place in which I can express myself, try new things, and make an impact in
my community. Over the years I have improved my writing, editing, photography,
programming, publishing, photoshop, and design skills all allowing me to
become the well rounded Editor-in-Chief that I now am.

My Journalism Journey

As Editor-in-Chief I have a lot of experience leading others, as well as teaching the art of journalism to younger students. Last year and this year I have been a part of the Introduction to Journalism class assisting my advisor as a teacher to the freshman and sophomore reporters who were looking to learn something new. With this role I learned a lot about patience, leadership, and working will with others. Below are some links to articles written by students who were guided/advised by me.

Girls’ Basketball Captain Victoria “Tori” Gammon Starts the Season off Strong

Washing Away the Old and Bringing in the New Bathroom Policies

Update On Electives Offerings at Malden High

Math Department Calculates Ways to Improve Curriculum

New Boba store “King Boba Tea” opens in Malden-Medford Line

Malden High Seniors Go Public with Their Commits

The Engineering Club Builds Community with Their Second Bake Sale

Halal Food Soon to be Offered at MHS

As a Muslim student who only eats halal meats, essentially meaning that I follow vegetarian restrictions in the cafeteria, this story felt like something that I had to write. I feel as though this article could have been written a bit better though, I still think it does a good job of representing the voices of underrepresented students who want to be heard better by City Officials.

An Inside Look Into The Malden Teen Enrichment Center

Many students in Malden do not have places to go to after school in which they feel comfortable or safe. Many unfortunately do not have access to warm food and a sense of security. When I began going to the teen center and noticed that so many younger students didn’t know about this place I made it my mission to write a piece to convey to students at my school just how amazing a resource this place could be if used properly. This article was one of my most celebrated as it was shouted out during a City Council meeting by the Mayor as well as the founder of the MTEC.

MHS Counselors and Students Prepare for the Next Coming School Year

I wrote this article during my Junior year to give students a glimpse into the course selection process and just how lucky we are to attend a school in which they can take a variety of classes. I feel as though next time I could’ve gone more in-depth about the different departments and just how hands-on and interesting they could be for students to take.

MHS Counselors and Students Prepare for the Next Coming School Year

I wrote this article during my Junior year to give students a glimpse into the course selection process and just how lucky we are to attend a school in which they can take a variety of classes. I feel as though next time I could’ve gone more in-depth about the different departments and just how hands-on and interesting they could be for students to take.

Meet Malden High School’s New Black Student Union

As a school with an incredibly diverse student body it is important that we as journalists report about our student organization that supports students of different backgrounds. I feel as though I did a great job writing this article and explaining how important it is to the students at MHS. I would have done a better job getting more opinions from students on how the club has supported them.

Captain Joyce Zhou Goes Above and Beyond

Recently I decided to write a sports captain profile honoring our school’s senior swim captain who helped lead the team to the GBL Title. In this article, I feel as though I was able to capture Joyce’s essence as well as create a permanent record of her contributions to MHS as a captain, I feel as though this article shows a great improvement from the articles that I have written over the past few years.

Boys Varsity Soccer Off to a Poor Start of the New Season

At this point in my journalism career, I found sports to be something quite difficult for me to cover, I struggled to properly convey the story and truly encapsulate the player’s passion. However, I decided to take on this project to challenge myself. Though this article was one of my first, I feel that I did a great job and that it helps to showcase a world of improvement to my second Boys Soccer article almost a year later.

The Boys’ Soccer Team Works Hard to Improve this Season

As a writer over the years one of the things that I have found to be fun to write about is soccer. I find it exciting to write about players who have a high level of passion for such a globally loved sport. When writing this article I found it exciting to interview a variety of different students from different backgrounds and loved having the chance to convey the team's story, though it may not have been a success for them that season. The photos in this article are also some of my best, as I managed to capture their emotions and the true heat of the game.

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute: A Fun, Cute, and Modern Story

As a reader, I love to share my love for reading with others, so naturally, when I found this book to be enjoyable I took it as a chance to showcase my love for this book in the hopes of giving others a new book to check out. However, I do wish I was able to convey the ideas of other readers who may have also read this book to better encapsulate the opinions of the community.

TikTok’s Latest Recommendations: A Book Review Round-Up

Having written a lot of local stories during my time, I wanted to try and do something different that I would enjoy writing, as it would feel personal to me. So to do this, I decided to do a mega Booktok reading wrap-up. I had a great time reading new books to add to this article and just overall thought I did a great job covering this. I just wish that I had been able to get interviews of other people’s opinions or possibly use online reviews.

The Lost Years: Middle School Graduation to Freshman Orientation

During my sophomore year, my now Co-Editor-in-Chief Daniel O’Toole, and I decided to write an opinion article about our feelings regarding having lost the majority of our freshman year to COVID-19. We felt as though writing this opinion piece would truly touch the hearts of students and staff alike who experienced a loss of time due to the pandemic.

Malden Youth Hosts Political Forum in Preparation for Municipal Elections

During my freshman year, I decided to take on this unique story which was quite far from my usual ally of Local stories. Though I think I did a great job I do wish that over the years I had pursued more political pieces in the hopes of improving my skills in political writing and reporting.

Senior Year: A Race to the Finish Line

For my first editorial, I wrote about the struggles of being a senior, desperately awaiting the moment that you can step onto the stage and finally receive your diploma. As a senior, I felt as though may people would enjoy reading this and would relate to my thoughts. Though this editorial was good I feel as though I have much room to improve this year.

Class of 2023 Valedictorian Profile: Ryan Li

Last year, I was assigned the most prestigious article to write, which is generally given to the best upperclassmen writers, in which they can cover the Valedictorian, Salutatorian or Orator. In my case, I was assigned the Valedictorian profile which I believe I did a great job with, as Ryan’s personality and soul were truly able to shine through with my writing.

March 8th, 2021 Swim Meet: Malden vs. Hopkinton

During my freshman year, I decided to try something new instead of just writing an article like I usually do, so I decided to record a simple video of the Malden High School swim team to showcase one of their meets. Though I feel as though the video could’ve been better I think that I did a great job considering it was my first time, and that I had limited resources as it was the first year during COVID.

Additionally I have developed my skills in InDesign over the years, and have contributed to the design of many print pages over the years. However, I do wish that I had dedicated more time to my design skills these past years.

As a leader in my journalism team it has become a regular occurrence for me to copy-edit many articles. I reread articles a number of times, suggesting mechanical and stylistic fixes, as well as showcasing possible skill improvements to allow our writers to improve while also feeling supported by myself and the other leaders. Over the years I have seen a great improvement in the skills of our younger writers, a number of which I took front reign in teaching.

Alongside my skills as an editor I have also learned many useful publishing skills, and have become a self proclaimed master of my school’s site on WordPress, I am able to publish a variety of different content including photos, articles, videos, podcasts and more. Additionally my skills in HTML have added to my ability to publish creatively on WordPress.

The Gymnastics Team Springs into Action

Swim Team Captain Larissa Retamero Granja Dives into the Season

Superache by Conan Gray Album Review

The MHS Robotics Club Works to Grow a Love for Creativity

The Class of 2024 Hosts an Enchanting Evening at Malden High School

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